Website Outsourcing Tips

by Chris McCrow

There are so many areas around website outsourcing we could talk about, but let’s get specific and talk about the sort of outsourcing equals big ££££££!  That is outsourcing large-scale web development projects, particularly off-shore.

So here they are; our top website outsourcing tips:

Communication, Communication, Communication!

We can’t overstate this enough; the keystone of effective outsourcing is good communication!

  • First and foremost, find an agency which speaks good English.
  • Have direct communication with the outsourcing agency; regularly.  That is to say, have a project stakeholder physically going to their office location and work face-to-face with them.
  • Consider the culture of the outsourcing agency and/or the country they are in. Ask yourself if their ways of thinking, doing business, etc. gel with yours?
When thinking about software outsourcing many peoples thoughts go straight to India but it’s worth considering other countries such as the Philippines, where culturally they have a strong American influence which leads to very good spoken English and familiar ways of thinking.
Outsourcing guru John Jonas sells this point far better than we could so recommend you check out his stuff.
Small Chunk Deliverables And Tie To Payment

Start small and test your chosen contractor out. Split your project up into a phased delivery, e.g. specification phase, design phase, wire-frame / prototype phase, etc. and tie part-payments to specific deliverables in each of these phases.

Build An Assembly Line

What we are talking about here is a hybrid onshore / offshore model whereby key activities such as project management, creative design and senior software development are kept on-shore while more well-defined tasks such as template driven design, modularised coding tasks and cross-browser testing are sent offshore.  In essence it’s a strategy for leveraging the cost benefit of outsourcing while minimising the risks; and incidentally how we do things at CrowCreate ;-).

The core to this strategy is to understand the false economies of outsourcing certain tasks, for example creative design.  Sure a UK guy is going to be more expensive but this type of work is far more efficient face-to-face.  Nothing beats sitting down with a designer, pointing at the monitor and asking for some text to be made bigger here or a shadow to be added there.  Once the creative design is done, templates can be used to stamp out new pages at reduced cost offshore.

Avoid The Common Mistakes

To avoid complete disaster don’t make these common website outsourcing mistakes.

Need Help Outsourcing A Project?

Bespoke software development is expensive.  Clients are often surprised to find out just how expensive it can be when agencies factor in project management, technical architecture, design, coding, documentation, account management and testing costs.

Cost saving is the major advantage to outsourcing.  However any cost saving can be quickly wiped out by an ineffective strategy.  Get in touch now, we’d love to hear about your project and discuss how we can help.

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