Website Cost Cutting On Steroids

by Chris McCrow

We’ve been talking with a lot of new client prospects lately and the same question keeps coming up – how can we keep website costs down?

Understandably clients want to spend as little as possible; but they also want a high quality end product. So with this conundrum in mind here are our top recommendations.


Huge cost savings on man power can be made by outsourcing the right way.

Significant time savings are also possible by leveraging global time differences and public holiday variations.

One of our favourite places to outsource to over the years has been the Philippines. Did you know you can hire a full time, skilled worker in the Philippines for around 30,000 peso’s per month, that’s roughly £435!
Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Don’t re-invent the wheel, it almost always makes sense to build from an existing web framework such as WordPress. Also use off the shelf design and plug ins (for extending common functionality) where possible. Only commission custom development into the INNOVATIVE aspects of your website; often around the business’s core products and services.


There are a lot of questions that need answering in a new website project: What programming language should you use? Do you need a content management system? Should you have navigation on the top or the left hand side? What method will you use to back up your site and how often? While these questions are important, they are a drain on resources and secondary to your immediate businesses goals.

There’s a paradigm in software development known as ‘convention over configuration’. This aims to minimise decision making (and therefore development time) in areas of a project where functionality is considered commonplace. Choosing to go with ‘convention’ in a website project by following a prespecifcaion framework, such as our Website In A Box model dramatically speeds up the development process and in turn cuts costs.

Negotiate Other Benefits

Negotiating equity share or commissionable targets with a partner can be a fantastic way of minimising initial website production costs. It can also have the side benefit of keeping everyone incentivised to go the extra mile, via a conversion led marketing strategy for example. Beware though it can take a lot of time and effort to find an entrepreneurial partner and convince them of your idea.

Find A Budding Rock Star


The thing about agencies is we have to work within business processes which support a consistent quality for our clients regardless of environmental forces, such as internal staff turnover.

For us these overheads are a necessary evil; but if you can find yourself a rock star who can do it all from his mums basement then more power to you. Just bear in mind all your eggs are in one proprietary basket.

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