too busy to do marketing

Too Busy to Do Marketing? Smart Delegation

by Chris McCrow

The Problem: Too Busy to Market

As a owner it’s oh so easy to develop a mindset that you’re too busy to market. After all, there’s just you, isn’t there? (Or you and a couple of other hard working, time strapped individuals).

No dedicated marketing department. In fact, the marketing department is you. The same person who designed, developed and delivers the product or service, manages the budget, answers the phone, makes the tea and changes the toilet rolls in the office loo.

Neglect Marketing at Your Peril

With lots of clients on the go now, it’s only human nature to concentrate there and put off the crucial task of ensuring that you will have a steady flow of clients – and income next year as well.

That’s where marketing comes in. If you neglect it, you’ll forfeit your chances of long term success and growth in your business.

After a surge in sales, there comes a dip. Always. Suddenly, there’s a hole in your cash flow. And your major client has relocated and taken her business elsewhere. Panic, panic!

But I haven’t time. I’m too busy to work on marketing!

Then It’s Time to Delegate!

Well, my best mate’s girlfriend’s brother knows a bit about online stuff. He’d have a look at it if I bought him a pint.

Do you really think that’s going to guarantee the most professional results for your business?

Okay then, I’ll lay out a bit of money, get in a professional. I’ll start by fixing up my site with a web designer.

Well hiring a web designer might result in your site looking nicer, which is something, but will those aesthetically pleasing graphics really help to effectively market your business?

Well what about a marketing consultant?

That would be a better first port of call, that way you would develop a solid marketing strategy BEFORE jumping into the creative work… Can you see where we’re going with this?

The Solution: A Team of Professionals

A professional marketing campaign employs multiple skill sets, which no one person can be expected to be an expert in, including:

  • An Online Marketer
  • A Copywriter
  • A Web Designer
  • A Programmer

and above all this…

  • Good project management and leadership

OK, I understand having all of these skill sets on board is an ideal scenario but I can’t afford to hire all of those people.

We understand, but this type of delegation can be done on a budget! The trick is to make sure that when professional services are needed, their activity is laser focused. Here are some options:

  1. Hire a Digital Project Manager
    Someone who has experience in digital marketing and who can effectively organise and manage the activity of professionals you subcontract to.
  2. Outsource to an Agency
    Who have a team of all the professional services you need in house. At CrowCreate we work on a monthly retainer which is often less than hiring one in house marketing employee!
  3. Buy off the Shelf
    Many agencies offer packages of services to achieve common marketing tasks at a very low fixed cost (due to optimised processes and economies of scale). At CrowCreate we have marketing packages specifically put together for marketing small, service orientated businesses for example.

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