The World’s Most Important Web Design Tips

by Chris McCrow

Being based in an Espark hatchery means we see lots of exciting new businesses every day; unfortunately however, we see many of them making the same mistakes.

The problem is, that even in these days of rapid website deployment (WordPress, etc.) developing a new website can take a lot of time – especially when unique functionality is required.

1. Rapid Prototyping

Making sure we are effective with our time is key, and as any good entrepreneur will tell you, rapid prototyping and feedback are essential to success. A lesson we’ve found also holds true within website development.

From our experience, the best approach is to work in stages, ours usually include: paper design > flat PDF design > website prototype; keeping things as simple / lean as possible initially and then increasing in complexity.


An added bonus we’ve found of working in this way is that you quickly develop marketing collateral for your business (via a PDF presentation for example) which can be used as a sales tool while your website is in development.
2. Customer Feedback

The goal is to gather customer feedback on the content of the website as quickly as possible without getting bogged down in the detail of the website itself, e.g. mouse overs effects, on click events, animations, etc. and in doing so develop a website that resonates with your customer and helps your business grow!

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