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What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is raft of techniques designed to improve your search engine ranking – in other words it pushes you up the list of search results when people are looking for goods and services that your business offers.
Search engines operate very differently from a few years ago. Back then, ranking well depended on the frequent use of keywords and the number of incoming links from others sites. Keywords and links remain important, but their value and usage had been transformed, and continues to evolve.
Trying to understand and respond to all this can be a huge headache. Thankfully, we do it all for you.

How We Work

Site Structure Analysis

Your site’s architecture has a major impact both on SEO and the quality of the user experience. It’s vital to consider these two factors together, because a site that is structured for the benefit of search engines alone can turn off users unless it’s easily navigable. We’ll structure your site so that it’s as friendly as possible to both search engines and visitors.

Content Creation

Google and other search engines increasingly think like humans: they like sites that are full of relevant, interesting material and which come recommended by others. As a consequence, it’s more important than ever that your site has plenty of high quality content.
We create compelling written, visual and audio material that draws in your potential clients and feeds search engines’ appetites.

On Page SEO

The keywords, coding and meta data are the foundations of each page on your site. Without them, the site will be almost invisible to search engines. We ensure that they are all in place and working together as effectively as possible.

Off Page SEO

In a nutshell, this means getting quality links to your site’s content. A single link from a very well-ranked site can be far more valuable than numerous ones from poorly ranked ones. We research the sites that are best fit with yours, then pick up the phone and persuade their owners to carry a link. (Of course, the better your content, the easier that job is.)

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pintrest are increasingly valuable tools for marketing your site’s content. We plan and manage your social media strategy to boost your visibility across the web.

Other Online Advertising

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