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What Is AdWords?

In a nutshell, the easiest way to get your website to appear on Google’s search results.

How Does AdWords Work?

Firstly marketers bid on keywords they want their website to be found for.
Then when a user searches for these keywords Google embeds sponsored listings within their search results; ordering primarily by the highest bid.

What Are The Benefits Of AdWords Marketing?

  • It’s Fast and Cheap

    Want your website to appear in Google? You have two options; either optimise your website for organic rankings or use AdWords advertising.
    The beauty of AdWords is you don’t have to undergo months of expensive website optimisation, you simply bid and appear in search results as sponsored listings.

  • It’s Flexible

    Once a campaign is set up budgets (and therefore website traffic) can be easily tweaked as and when the business need arises.

  • It’s Highly Data Driven

    Google AdWords can be tightly integrated with Google Analytics giving a wealth of valuable information. In the right hands this information can be utilised to drive RESULTS orientated activity, via a conversion led marketing strategy for example.

  • You Can Compete with the Big Boys!

    You may have noticed how staggering simple Goggle’s search engine is to use? It takes all the fluff away and just gives you what you came for, search results, nice isn’t it!

    To maintain this simplicity Google are extremely strict about what they allow advertisers to do; which in turn has a great levelling effect. Whether you are a small businesses, or a multi-national corporation, a sponsored listing is a sponsored listing is a sponsored listing.

  • To Test the Water

    Green street signs with marketing strategy written on them Sometimes we like to think of AdWords like dipping our marketing toes in the water.
    Via data analysis conclusions can be drawn as to the effectiveness of running related marketing activity which may require more substantial investment; such as search engine optimisation or offline advertising.

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