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Keyword Research

Build marketing campaigns that resonate with customers.

Got a great idea for a new website and wondering how to best market it online? Or maybe you already have a website and want to attract more quality visitors? Either way keyword research is the best place to start!

The Purpose Of Keyword Research

To discover keywords a customer will be typing into search engines to find your products / services.

To establish which of these keywords will offer the best return on investment.

What’s Included In Keyword Research?

Keyword Discovery

Our work starts with a brain storming exercise whereby we uncover every nook and cranny where a keyword could be hiding! For example:

  • Your business and its core products / services.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Specialist search marketing tools, such as the Google keyword Tool and Wordtracker.
  • Good old fashioned imagination.

Keyword Analysis

Once we have a keyword list the clever stuff starts!

We will perform a search marketing analysis using sophisticated tools to establish which of these keywords offer the greatest return on investment against key metrics such as cost per click and cost per conversion.

From here we will develop an optimum keyword set (usually between 2-3 keyword / keyword phrases) which can be used to market your business holistically. We often recommend these phrases are used to optimise your website’s home page and generic marketing campaigns.

Optimum long tail keywords will also be pin-pointed which can be used to optimise specific pages on your website and drive complementary content production, via a blog for example.

When Should I Do Keyword Research?

In an ideal world you would do a keyword analysis pre-build of your website. An analysis will help crystallise your website’s information architecture which will in-turn will lead your sites navigational structure and design. Furthermore you will gain a clear marketing strategy which will lead to consistency in your communications and branding from day one.

Even if you already have a website, via a keyword analysis report you can begin to tailor your content towards its optimum conversion potential. An advantage you will have over a new build is that often your existing website will have some historical, business-specific analytics data. This data can be extracted and used within your keyword analysis.

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