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WordPress is a hugely popular Content Management System used by over 60 million websites worldwide. It provides many out of the box features, themes and plug-ins which enable rapid website development.

Benefits Of WordPress

It’s Free!

Leading to a reduced project cost for our clients, nuff said!

Your Website Is Constantly Being Improved

WordPress is open source. The difference between closed source and open source software is like the difference between a cake and a cake recipe. With the recipe anyone is free to recreate and improve the recipe over time.
An open source philosophy is about a empowering users to feedback improvements to the community. This promotes software quality and evolution – specifically through code stability, security, flexibility and ease of support.

It’s Well Supported

At last count (June 2013) WordPress had over 25,000 plug-ins and 1,700 themes listed at http://wordpress.org. Match this with vast support archives and an abundance of worldwide WordPress developers and you’d be hard pushed to find a more mature framework on the web.

Other WordPress / Web Framework Benefits

Aside from the above; we recently published an article about the benefits of web frameworks which includes further advantages of using WordPress as a website framework.

If You Built It They Will Come!

We provide bespoke WordPress development services and also use WordPress within our Website in a Box product range.

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