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When you hire CrowCreate, a great looking site is a given. But our websites not only look good, they work really well too. That’s because we always build them with these essentials in mind:

Cross Browser Compatibility

We ensure a consistent viewing experience for everyone who visits your site, no matter what browser they are using.
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The range of devices that people use to browse the web has never been greater. We design sites that look good on everything from the smallest phone to the largest TV.

Search Engine Optimised Web Design

Our sites are designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly. From strategically placed headings to riveting content, we do everything to ensure that your business can be easily found by potential customers.

Accessible Web Design

We believe we have a moral duty to make our sites as user-friendly as possible to people with disabilities. We therefore follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are internationally agreed rules designed to improve web access for all.

Web Standards Compliant

Not only is designing to web standards a sign of professional quality, it also leads to accessible and search engine friendly sites too. Having said that we believe that these things have to be taken into context, there are situations where web standards can be restrictive, for example where design or rapid application development is a priority.

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