The Apartment Service

The Client: The Apartment Service.com

The Task

We were asked to update and modernise The Apartment Service website, making it more user friendly.

Our Main Objectives Were To:

  • Update the styling and interface to make the site more user friendly.
  • Bring the site into the modern age by making it responsive on mobile and tablet devices.
How We Helped:

Interactive Map Application
The site has integrated interactive maps that allow the customer or client to move around a location using their mouse and the page will refresh to show properties in the new chosen area.

The layout and interface of the website has been made more user friendly, with a more streamlined and modern design. It is now easier for customers and clients to find exactly what they are looking for. The map function is now combined with the grid to create a single unified view on larger screens and we have condensed search filters.

Mobile Optimised
The website is now fully responsive on smart phones and tablets. The page adjusts to fit any size screen whilst still being user friendly. For example when using the website on a tablet the search map changes position on the screen depending on which position it is held (landscape/portrait)

SmartSearch Technology
The site has been equipped with a SmartSearch bar to enable an easier search process. Customers and clients can search by specific property name, location or point of interest and will then offer you the property nearest to your search.

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