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How Important Is Google to Your Business?

by Mark Jeffery

The Worlds Leading Search Engine

Eword (2014) stated that in the UK Google had 89.2% of the UK search engine market share and in the US it was 61%. The exact market share differs slightly among sources but Google remains the market leader in most countries with exception to a very few like China and Russia.

Changing the Game

Google became the market leader by changing the way search results where found and showing pages that were more relevant to the user. Google started looking at not just the original sites content but also links back to that site to test reliability and authenticity, (The Website Promoter, 2013). Grady (2013) believes every company should have a website mostly because the competition are likely to have one and if you do not that is potential customers you will lose.

The Importance of Page One

As Google is the number one search engine it is important for >your website to be near the top of the SEO results. Ellison (2013) states that 95% of users do not pass the first page, emphasising the importance to be there. This shows the significance of following Googles rules on increasing page ranking as if it is not followed your website is likely to be lowly ranked even when related keywords are searched.

Other Reasons Google Matters to Business

There is more to Google than just basic web searches and through Google Maps potential customers can search for local businesses that they require so it is important to show up when they are searched. The exact location can be added on the map with other details such as phone numbers, opening hours or a link to the website, (Weber & Weins, 2009). Grady (2013) also adds that Google Adsense can be attached to your website to earn extra revenue from traffic by allowing small adverts placed on the website by Google.


To answer the question: “How important is Google to businesses?” VERY IMPORTANT! It is the main way that internet users search for information including about your business thus many potential customers. Being found in Google’s SEO results is key. Google is a continually innovative company are most likely going to make Google more essential to your business in the future so your company should take it seriously now.


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