Are Ad Blocking Apps Bad for Business?

by Mark Jeffery

The internet is filled with ads. Nearly every page has some form of advertisement, be it flash banners, pop-ups or Google SEM ads. Third party companies have created apps for browsers that block these ads. They do not just work on standard websites but also video advertisements on youtube. This video explains how they work.

Big Business Revenue Streams at Risk?

Blight (2013) states that 95% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising so should big companies like Google be afraid?
Betts, (citied in Blight, 2013) believes at present they are not a big threat but they are becoming more popular which could be concerning if the companies do not do anything about it now.

The Early Adopters

According to PageFair (citied in Hill, 2013) at present it is mostly tech savvy users that block advertisements with website users of games, technology and comics using the ad blocking aps most. PageFair (citied in Hill, 2013) also stated that the phrase “ad block” has doubled in Google searches over the last year and that ad blocker users are increasing at 43% per year. Hill (2013)

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Ad block plus’ (one of the largest ad blockers) claims their reason for developing such software is because advertisements need to be more relevant, Hern (2013). Many ad blocking apps have now been taken off Google’s Play store (Blight, 2013) but they can still be acquired from other sources.

In Conclusion

I’ve been using a ad blocker and for about a year now and I would not consider myself that tech savvy so I believe that more and more people will be using it. The faster the word spreads that there are such tools available to block annoying ads the faster the user-adoption will be. I believe that Google and other companies will need to do more than just take these apps of their stores to stop mainstream adoption.

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