Accommodation Website Design Success -Three Guiding Principles

by Chris McCrow

In such a rapidly changing environment it goes without saying if you’re not constantly evolving your website, you’re being left behind.

Yet as you update and improve your website, how do you make sure the changes you’re making are actually helping to convert more users into online bookings?

Good old creative thinking will get you so far; but from our experience, the best template for success is to blend those creative new ideas with the following three guiding principles.

1. Learn from the Best

Airbnb and booking.com logos

When we recently began work on The Apartment Service project we wanted to make sure that the user experience was top notch.

Luckily for The Apartment Service, online apartment booking is a well trodden path and we were able to draw inspiration from market leaders in the space, such as AirBnB and booking.com.

By taking the time to research competitors in the accommodation space, we learnt from the best and were able to leverage millions of pounds worth of their investment (in usability testing) to our advantage.

2. Get User Feedback

Graphic depicting user feedback

After immersing ourselves in a project for weeks on end it never ceases to amaze us how easily we can lose perspective on a websites usability.

We know intuitively where everything is on the page and the next click is ‘obvious’ to us; but the truth is we just can’t see the wood through the trees.

Forget about all the fancy tools and data analysis, in our opinion there is no faster way to gain major insight into how users interact with your site than to sit them down in front of a computer and watch them!

3. Your Data Tells a Story

Interpreting website data

Assuming you have enough users on your site to get meaningful data and statistics, website analytics can give you major insights into ways of improving your sites performance.

Start by installing Google Analytics on your site, defining your sites sales funnel and setting up goal tracking.

You’ll quickly begin to see patterns in user behavior leading to updates which ultimately improve user conversion on your site and help you get more online bookings… And cash in the till.

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